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  • Reverse Phone Lookup
    Reverse Phone Lookup
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    The Importance of a Reverse Phone Lookup Service – The thing about being able to perform a Reverse Cell Phone lookup is that it is more important than it first appears. Anyone who is in need of a way to locate someone can benefit from the reverse phone lookup service. Most people consider a lookup […]

  • Abundance: The Tree of 40 Fruits
    Posted in: Life Hacks

    Abundance: The Tree of 40 Fruits Is Exactly as Awesome as It Sounds – Artist Sam Van Aken discusses his thought-provoking project and its place at the intersection of farming, sculpture, and preservation.   A ward-winning contemporary artist and Syracuse University art professor Sam Van Aken grew up on a family farm in Reading, Pennsylvania, […]

  • The WalkCar electric rolling pad
    Transport: 8 forward-thinking vehicles
    Posted in: Life Hacks, Travel

    Transport: 8 forward-thinking vehicles – The continued minituarization of electronics, advances in materials technology, a growing emphasis on clean, sustainable modes of transport and imaginative thinkers with out-of-the-box ideas have converged to give us some truly audacious vehicle designs over the past 12 months.   Some are certainly more practical than others, but from personal […]

  • Life hack - gift ideas - give time
    Life Hack – 5 Stuff-Free Gift Ideas
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    Life Hack – 5 Stuff-Free Gift Ideas.  According the website Nerdwallet, it takes the average middle-class American household three months to pay off their holiday gift-buying expenses. Unfortunately these arrears, taken on in the spirit of generosity, are often taken on for naught…   Research shows that many, if not most, of our gifts are […]

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