22 Effective Home Remedies for Birth Control

22 Effective Home Remedies for Birth Control

There are several herbal and natural home remedies for birth control. These remedies either prevent fertilization and implantation or prevent irregular menstruation. 

Children are loved by all but every couple wants to have them at the right time. Parenthood is life-affirming but should be carefully planned only when both partners are ready. To avoid an unwanted pregnancy, most women prefer contraceptive pills. These pills can have an adverse effect on your body in the long run. 22 Effective Home Remedies for Birth Control >>


Home Remedies for Birth Control

1. Papaya

papayaUnripe papaya contains the enzyme called ‘papain’ which suppresses progesterone, a hormone used to prepare the uterus for conception and maintain pregnancy.

Papaya also helps contract muscle fibers in the uterus that induce periods.

Papaya is an effective birth control remedy. You can eat papaya twice a day for 3-4 days after having an unsafe intercourse.

It will help prevent pregnancy. Also, the seeds of papaya reduce the sperm count in males. It returns to normal once you stop having it.

It is thought that fully ripe papaya does not contain enough enzymes to have a significant effect on the menstrual cycle or maintaining pregnancy.


2. Figs

figIt is one of the best conception control methods. Eat 2-3 dried pieces of figs after having unsafe intercourse. It prevents pregnancy and treats many other irregularities in the body.



3. Ginger

gingerGinger promotes menstrual flow. Drink 2 cups of strong ginger tea every day to defer pregnancy.

To prepare this tea, wash the ginger and grate it. Boil a cup of water and add grated ginger to it. Boil this mixture for a couple of minutes. Steep for five minutes and strain the tea.


4. Apricot


Add a hundred grams of dried apricots and 2 tbsp of honey to a cup of water. Boil it for20-

30 minutes. Blend the mixture and drink it.

Alternatively, eat 5-10 apricot kernels three times every day. Have them after sexual intercourse and continue till menses begins. It will prevent implantation of the fetus.


5. Cinnamon

cinnamonCinnamon avoids pregnancy when taken for a long time. It stimulates the uterus and thus, induces miscarriage and abortion. It doesn’t work instantly, so, it is advised to consume it regularly for a longer period of time.

Note: Consult your doctor before taking cinnamon as a birth control measure.


6. Vitamin C

vitamin cVitamin C, when taken in the purest form, can work as the best birth control method. The presence of ascorbic acid interferes with the progesterone hormone which prepares the uterus for pregnancy.

Take 1500 mg of vitamin C capsules twice a day for two to three days after unsafe sex. Also, it is good for your skin.



7. Asafoetida

asafoetidaAsafoetida is a herb native to Iran which can be purchased as a supplement. There are several studies that confirm that chemicals in asafoetida called coumarins can thin the blood and cause menstruation.

It is these ‘coumarins’ that can also induce abortion and prevent conception.

Drink asafoetida juice with water every month to avoid pregnancy.


Home Remedies for birth control


Herbal Remedies for Birth Control


8. Indian Lilac

neemIt is a common remedy for birth control. It decreases sperm motility and thus, prevents fertilization. It can be used in three forms: that is oil, leaves, and extract.

Injection of Indian Lilac oil in uterine horns can prevent pregnancy for a year in women. The plus point is that it doesn’t cause any change in menstrual cycle or ovarian functions.

Indian Lilac oil kills the sperms present in the vaginal area within 25-30 seconds. Moreover, it provides protection from sexually transmitted diseases due to its antiviral and antibiotic properties.

  • Indian Lilac tablet, if ingested on the daily basis, results in temporary and reversible sterility in males. It doesn’t affect sex drive or sperm production.


9. Queen Anne’s Lace

queen annes laceIt is also known as wild carrot. The seeds collected from the flower of this herb work as a contraceptive.

Consume a tsp of these seeds within eight hours of having unsafe intercourse. Do it daily for a week. Or, you can have this herb in the form of tea or tincture.


  • It might have side-effects like constipation.
  • Consult your doctor before consuming it, if you have a history of kidney or gallstones.
  • Avoid using Queen Anne’s Lace if you are breastfeeding.


10. Pennyroyal

pennyroyalIt promotes menstrual flow and helps initiate self-abortion. Often, it is prescribed with other herbs to prevent pregnancy. Boil 8 ounces of distilled or spring water.

Add one tsp of dried pennyroyal to it after removing from heat. Let it stand for 10 minutes. Strain this mixture and mix honey. Drink this tea immediately after having unsafe intercourse.


  • Consult your doctor before consuming it as it may cause liver or kidney damage and may also harm the nervous system.
  • Avoid drinking more than 3 cups of pennyroyal tea within the period of 6 days.
  • Don’t drink this tea if your periods are late for more than 10 days.


11. Blue Cohosh

blue cohosh rootBlue cohosh contains uterine contracting substances that make it a good natural birth control remedy.

Boil a quart of water. Add a tsp of blue cohosh to it. Let it steep for 5 minutes. Sip the tea slowly thrice a day until your periods start.


12. Buckwheat

BuckwheatThe presence of rutin in buckwheat prevents implantation. You can take 500mg of buckwheat daily to avoid pregnancy.

It is effective before and after having unprotected intercourse. This herb doesn’t have any side-effects which make it the best herb to be used for birth control.


13. Stoneseed

stoneseedStoneseed is one of the best and most powerful herbs for birth control. Take some cold water and add stoneseed root to it. Let it steep for a few hours. Drink a cup daily for six months.

Note: Consult a medical practitioner before using this herb as it has irreversible effects.


14. Jack-in-the-Pulpit Root

jack in the pulpitJack-in-the-pulpit root is one other magical herb to prevent pregnancy. It is effective for a longer period of time.

Take 1/2 a cup of cold water. Add a tsp of dried and powdered Jack-in-the-pulpit root. Stir well the mixture. Strain this tea and drink it. It will prevent the unwanted pregnancy for a week from the day of intake.


15. Black Cohosh

black cohoshIt stimulates the release of oxytocin which causes uterine contractions and therefore, prevents pregnancy.

Black cohosh has maximum effect when it is taken in combination with other herbs such as pennyroyal. It induces abortion and will interrupt an unwanted pregnancy.

Note: Consult a doctor before using this herb.


16. Smartweed Leaves

smartweedSmartweed contains rutin, quercetin, and gallic acid which interfere with early pregnancy.

It also promotes menstrual bleeding. Take four cups of water and boil it. Add four ounces of fresh, smartweed leaves to this boiling water. Strain the solution and drink it until the menstruation starts.


17. Wild Yam

yamWild yam should be taken when no other alternative remedy is available to prevent pregnancy.

It takes one to two months for birth control. It should be taken two times a day regularly to start functioning as a birth prevention remedy. The effectiveness may delay if any dose is skipped.


18. Angelica

angelica rootAngelica is also known as Dong Quai. It terminates the pregnancy by stimulating menstruation.

It also promotes uterine contractions. It can be used as decoction or capsules.


  • Women who have heavy menstruation flow should avoid taking this herb.
  • Women who have a history of cancer, diabetes and heart attack should not use this herb.


19. Rue

rueRue is a natural birth control herb which is widely used by women. It also acts as an abortifacient. It contains pilocarpine and rutin which interfere with the implantation.

Take 2 tsps of rue in an empty cup and pour a cup of boiling water over it. Let it stew for sometime. Drink this warm tea 2 to 3 times a day to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Note: Don’t boil the herb in water as it may destroy its properties.


20. Mugwort

mugwortYou can consume dried mugwort herb with a cup of water. It helps prevent pregnancy naturally.


  • Avoid consuming an overdose of this herb as it may cause renal failure.
  • Don’t use this herb if you have kidney problems.


21. Cotton Root Bark

cottonIt is a really effective herb to prevent pregnancy. The root of this plant stimulates the release of oxytocin hormone.

Take the dried root of a cotton plant. Cut it into pieces. Brew it in hot water or add to a cup of tea. Drink it two times a day for birth control.


22. Parsley

ParsleyParsley is an easily available herb. You can consume the herbal tea of parsley to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

There are no side-effects of parsley as it is very mild.



  • Take care of your diet while taking any birth control measure.
  • Consult a doctor or herbalist before taking any herbal birth control method.
  • If you experience any problem, immediately stop the usage of the remedy.


  • Don’t take an overdose of any herb as it may cause a serious health issue.
  • Don’t consume any of these herbs if you are already pregnant.


Source: homeremedyhacks.com


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