How To Balance Hormones After The Pill – Post-Birth Control Syndrome

How To Balance Hormones After The Pill

Hormone imbalance can strike women of nearly any age – from 18 on. Many things influence hormone levels in women: age, pregnancy, some medications, poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, birth control pills…

Heard any horror stories about people getting off the pill? It’s called Post-Birth Control Syndrome (PBCS).


Potential Symptoms of Post-Birth Control Syndrome:

⚡ Lack of period (amenorrhea)How To Balance Hormones After The Pill? - Post-Birth Control Syndrome
Acne   (Learn more about Skin Care >>)
⚡Heavy and painful periods
⚡Anxiety, depression, or mood disorders
⚡Mood swings
⚡Changes in gut health
⚡Headaches or migraines
⚡Hair loss
⚡Issues with blood sugar

Ultimately, we likely went on birth control for some reason (in addition to wanting to avoid pregnancy): Maybe we had heavy periods, maybe we had bad cramps, maybe our skin wasn’t super clear and we wanted that Cover Girl skin..
The issue is that hormonal birth control MASKED those symptoms, so expect them to come BACK (if not with a little vengeance) – Remember that there was still some underlying imbalance causing those symptoms from the beginning, and now we’re making waves in our hormone balance by sliding off a medication that alters our hormone levels.
The odd thing?
Some people experience little-to-no side effects, while others… are NOT so lucky. Symptoms of PBCS seem to occur the first 4-6 months after sliding off hormonal birth control. Some people may even struggle up to a year or SEVERAL years before seeing their period return – it really just depends.

4 Ways to Minimize Symptoms of Post-Birth Control  Syndrome And How To Balance Hormones After The Pill:

How To Balance Hormones After The Pill? - Post-Birth Control Syndrome

How To Balance Hormones After The Pill?


1. Manage nutrient deficiencies – Remember that hormonal birth control depletes of us vital nutrients. It may seem super excessive, but we’d invest a little moolah and supplement and consider supplementing with Vitamin B, C, D, E, Zinc, Magnesium, & Thyroid Support would not be a bad idea.


2. Support the Liver – The liver is basically going to be catapulted with an onslaught of hormones as the body plays defense trying to get things back in balance. Consider upping your consumption of cruciferous veggies (broccoli/cauliflower/brussels) and supplementing liver support products.


3. Support the Gut – The gut is also going to be doing WORK since the liver will basically pass the ball off to the gut for excretion. Probiotics, fermented foods, ample fiber (30g daily, minimum) and plenty of water are a MUST.


4. Focus on Food Quality – Fats are important for hormone and adrenal health, so make sure to include ample avocados, olive oil, salmon, and grass-fed beef. Buy organic produce as much as possible, high quality meats, and minimize processed foods/sugar was much as possible.


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